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The Omniversity™ Web Site Will Officially Open in June 2005

The Omniversity™ web site is being developed and programmed during the Fall of 2004 and the Spring of 2005. The site should be fully operational about June 30th 2005. Stop back to see the additions and discover new opportunities for you to become an Entrepreneur! - or to shop till your mouse drops!

Omniversity™ Corporate Information

Visit the Omniversity™ Corporate Information division of the web site to learn details of the company behind the web site.

Foxxy School of Business™

Omniversity™ is preparing to open the Foxxy School of Business™ (FoxxySoB™). The FoxxySoB™ is focused on getting people excited, enthused and enabled to be entrepreneurs. We plan to do that with highly innovative degree programs that guide you in the process of creating your business from the 'ground up' as you complete your degree requirements.

Business Opportunities

Omniversity™ created this web site with a clear mission in mind - to Excite, Enthuse and Enable People to Be Entrepreneurs. The Business Opportunities division is intended to be a 'market place' where companies and individuals can advertise business opportunities for you to consider. You can list opportunities and you can explore the possibilities.

Business Information

A large variety of sources of information and downloadable resources from around the world that may help you in determining where the market opportunities are and the factors that affect them.

Business Planning

Brief tutorials on the process of creating an effective business plan. Reviews of software for business plan writing. Resource listings for you to consider when trying to write that 'perfect' business plan.

Business Finance

Finance concepts and planning, investment capital directory, sources of information and money. The magic ingredient we all need when starting a new venture in business.

Business Advice

Even the best of us need a mentor at times. A person or organization that can guide us through some of the difficult areas encountered in starting and operating a business. A place to find advice, people to assist you, and to list your skills and abilities for others to use.

Omniversity™ Online Shopping

Start your shopping adventure! Get your cards ready! Omniversity™ Online Shops offer a variety of special items for you to consider. The FoxxyShop™ offers books, clothing and souvenirs from the Foxxy School of Business™. WalkAboutWeb™ takes you on journeys in the foot steps of our founders to places around the globe where you find products of a unique nature to lead friends to envy. PubShop Online™ offers collectable items from Pubs, Brew Pubs and 'comfortable' bars from around the world. Wild Hair Books™ offer books and collectable items for the child in all of us. BizGuide Online™ offers some of the books and other resources recommended in the 'business' divisions of the web site. And Saba Bay™ is a great place to 'get lost in the islands' where you discover special oils, scents and products of enduring quality.

Design, Policies and FAQ About the Omniversity™ 'Family' of Web Sites

The Omniversity™ Web Site has been a long time in development. The "Web Site" division of the Omniversity™ web wite gives the details of the technical development of the design and programming. The division includes all information about policies that affect your rights and privileges of using this web site. We encourage you to read the detailed pages found in this section.

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